Goan Garam Masala (My Moms version)


This is my mom’s version of garam masala. She makes this in bulk and uses it for the entire year. Every year I get my share of masala from her. We use it in Chicken Xacuti, Chanyacho Roos and many other goan recipes. Special goan variety chilies (short ones) are used for this masala. If that is not available then you can use any other chilies.


1/4th Kg Dried Goan Chilies,

1/4th Kg Coriander seeds,

1/4th Kg Saunf  (Fennel seeds),

1/4th Kg Khas khas (Poppy seeds),

1/8th Kg Peppercorns,

25 Grams Mustard seeds,

10 Grams Sahi jeera (Caraway seeds),

10 Grams Dagad Phool (Black Stone Flower),

10 Grams patri,

25 Grams lavang (Cloves),

3 jai phal (Nutmeg),

2 tsp Methi (Fenugreek) seeds,

3 Grams Masala elaichi (Big Cardamom),

25 Grams haldi in its full form,

1/4th cup dried white peas,

5 Grams cinnamon            

Method –

Dry roast all the above ingredients one by one. Allow it to cool. Grind to a very fine powder and store in air tight glass jars.


6 thoughts on “Goan Garam Masala (My Moms version)

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  4. you have to add in this masala some tike pana & some suntt

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