Pumpkin Puris

In early October we visited a pumpkin farm and bought this pie pumpkin with the idea of making something out of it during Halloween. In general everyone loves puris….so here is my attempt of making mildly sweet puris out of a pie pumpkin.

Happy Halloween to all!!!image



2 cups peeled and grated pumpkin,

1 cup grated jaggery,

2 tbsp sesame seeds,

1/2 tsp cardamom powder,

3 cups wheat flour,

Oil for deep frying the puris.


In a saucepan mix grated pumpkin, jaggery and sesame seeds. Keep on a medium flame and keep stirring the mixture till the jaggery melts and gets incorporated well with the pumpkin.

Pumpkin leaves a lot of water so this mixture will look a little watery.

Allow it to cool down completely.

Mix in the wheat flour and cardamom powder with the cooled pumpkin jaggery mixture. The dough should be firm than the chapati dough. Add very little water only if needed.

Allow the dough to rest for 20 mins.

Heat oil for deep frying the puris.

Take a portion of the dough on a oiled plastic sheet and using a rolling pin roll it out a bit thicker than chapati. Cut into circles with a cookie cutter and deep fry the puris in hot oil on a very low flame.

There puris last for 7 to 8 days.