Green Chili Pickle

Pickles are my weak point and especially when it comes to home made ones. This one is a very easy method of making chili pickle adapted the recipe from my sisters MIL. This pickle needs to be stewed for 8 to 10 days before consuming else it will taste pungent and bitter. But at my place Milo started consuming it right from day 2 of making it. I always store my pickles in the fridge as I don’t want to get it spoilt and I always make it in less quantity. So here is the recipe for you….


¼ kg green chilies,

1 cup fresh lime juice,

1 cup any refined oil,

1 tsp oil,

1 cup split mustard (mohair dal),

1 cup salt,

1 tbsp fenugreek seeds,

1 tbsp asafetida


Heat 1 cup oil till smoking point, switch off the gas and allow it to cool completely.

Cut green chilies in medium sized pieces and mix in the lime juice, salt, heated and cooled oil and mustard dal.

Heat 1 tsp oil in a small skillet and fry fenugreek seeds and asafetida. Take care not to burn the spices.

Once cooled, powder and mix it with the pickle.

Store the pickle in an airtight glass jar in a dark place.

Let the pickle stew for 8 to 10 days.


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