Mixed Vegetable and Spinach Soup

Here is another nutritious soup for the kids and even adults with a mix of all vegetables and healthy spinach. Usually kids don’t like the vegetables floating in the soup so pureeing it to a smooth paste becomes easy to feed them. You can omit cheese if your child does not like it. Also, you can add all different types of vegetables to this. Milo is particular about Anaya eating her share of vegetables. To ensure this I made this soup for her and I am going to make it often. At first she did not like the sweet-sour taste of the soup… but once her taste buds got used to the taste she wanted more… To entertain her while she enjoyed the soup I recited the “Soup Story” to her… The story was nothing more than the method to make the soup :-). She seemed to have enjoyed the story and before I could realize she had slurped the entire bowl of soup…  So here is the recipe of Mixed Vegetable and Spinach Soup.


1 tbsp chopped onion,

1 tbsp chopped tomatoes,

1 tbsp carrot,

1 tbsp chopped French beans,

½ tbsp fresh green peas,

1 tbsp chopped cabbage,

1 tbsp chopped spinach,

1 tsp ghee,

1 small cube of cheese,

A pinch of ground pepper


Heat ghee in a pan and lightly toss onion, tomatoes, carrot, French beans, green peas, cabbage and spinach for 2 to 3 minutes.

Add sufficient water and allow the vegetables to cook.

Once cooled, blend it to a smooth paste.

Mix in grated cheese, little salt and pepper and cook till cheese melts. Serve warm.


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