Cooking Competition @ Work

Women’s forum in my office had arranged a cooking competition for all the ladies of the organization. Due to some reasons I didn’t want to participate in it. But due to Milo’s constant persuasion I took part and I am very happy to tell you all that I bagged the first place. 🙂

This wouldn’t have been possible without Milo’s and my Mother – in – Laws support. They both helped me a lot in the preparation. All the credit goes to them. We choose the bakery theme and  made all baked items – Dates Cake, Chocolate Muffins, Finger Millet Biscuits, Anzac Cookies, Kasuri Methi Biscuits and Pickle Biscuits.

Here are the photos…

The theme of my presentation –

The full table display –

Dates cake and Chocolate Muffins –

Assorted Biscuits –

I also kept the main ingredients for display. See the below pic –

I got a set of Tupperware boxes as the prize. I will post the pics soon….


3 thoughts on “Cooking Competition @ Work

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  3. Good Job Varsha! I am currently doing a report on New Zealand and wanted to prepare some New Zealand-ish food for my colleagues. The Anzac Cookies sounded super delicious! I will definitely try them out! I also liked how they were healthy, with oats! (I’m a health nut!) Anyway, thank you so much for this!!

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