This is Milo’s version of phirni with rice and chana dal. He made it on the occasion of Janamastami. It tasted yummy. I have asked him to make it again for Anaya’s first birthday.


1 cup basmati rice washed and drained,

½ cup soaked chana dal,

2 cups coconut milk,

4 cups whole milk,

A handful of dry fruits,

1/4th tsp cardamom powder,

1/8th tsp of nutmeg powder,

1.5 cups sugar,

2 tsp ghee


Method –


Heat ghee in a heavy bottomed pan and lightly fry rice till ghee coats the grain well.

Add chana dal to the rice and fry for another 2 to 3 minutes.

Add 2 cups milk and keep stirring till the rice grain puffs up.

Keep adding the remaining milk little at a time till all the milk is over.

Now add the coconut milk and dry fruits and let it boil for 5 minutes.

Mix in the sugar, cardamom and nutmeg powder. Keep stirring till the sugar dissolves.

Serve hot or chilled.



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