Tomato Curry

I make this curry whenever we are fed up of eating the same dal everyday. This is my mom’s way of making this curry. She adds rasam powder to it which gives it extra taste. This curry is my favorite and I end up eating more rice when this is made 🙂


1 cup fresh/frozen grated coconut,

5 big ripe tomatoes,

6 dry red chilies,

1 tsp coriander seeds,

5 garlic flakes,

2 tsp rasam powder (optional)

For tempering –

1 tsp mustard seeds,

1 dry red chili,

1 green chili,

4 cloves garlic,

4 to 5 curry leaves,

1/8th tsp asafetida,

2 tsp oil

Method –     

Cook the tomatoes till soft. Once cooled, peel them and keep aside.

Fry coriander seeds and red chilies in very little oil and grind this with peeled tomatoes, coconut and 5 garlic flakes with sufficient water to form a fine paste.

Heat oil in a deep bottomed pan and splutter mustard seeds.

Add dry red chili cut into 2 pieces, green chili, 4 cloves of crushed garlic, curry leaves and asafetida. Fry for a few seconds and add the ground paste. Add salt, rasam powder and water to make gravy like consistency.

Let it boil. Serve hot with rice and papad.


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