Potato Dosa

I wanted to give a try to Potato Dosa. I had read on some blog that it tastes like Aloo Paratha. I made all the preparations, my batter became thicker. The quantity of potatoes was more in that. I went ahead with it and started making dosas. My first dosa became very thick. I could not spread it. So I kept it little fat. Tried to turn it – it broke. I still cooked it further and tasted it. The taste was too good- just like Aloo Parathas.

I tried putting another dosa. It was the same. They were not at all crispy – very soft from inside. So I took some batter and added more rice flour and made the third one. This one was perfect – thin, crispy and could be spread easily. But the taste was not as good as Aloo Paratha.Milosaid it tastes like Khichadi. 🙂

I made some more dosas this way. We all had breakfast and there was still more original batter remaining. I didn’t have more patience to modify it, so I just put the entire batter in the frying pan with little oil, covered and kept on low flame for 5 minutes. Made small pieces and turned each piece and fried the other side well till brown. I served this with tomato ketchup for lunch and it tasted like yummy potato cutlets 🙂

Here is the recipe-


2 large potatoes boiled, peeled and mashed,

1.2 cup rice flour,

1 cup yogurt,

3 green chilies finely chopped,

2 tsp cumin seeds,

Salt to taste,


Oil to make dosas


Mix all the ingredients except oil to a smooth batter.

Drizzle oil on a griddle. When hot, pour a ladle full of the batter and try to spread it into a circle.

Let it cook for 2 to 3 minutes on a slow flame. Once done, flip and cook the dosa on the other side. Serve hot.


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