Baby Potatoes and Egg Biryani

I got this biryani recipe from the blog The Chef and her Kitchen. This was my first attempt to make a vegetable biryani and I should say I have never tasted such a delicious veg based biryani before. The taste is at par with any non vegetarian biryani. The first time I made it only with potatoes. Second time I made it for Milo’s birthday and I thought of putting eggs into it.

I also modified the recipe slightly and have used mint leaves and garlic. This is going to be a regular dish for guests at my place now.

The original recipe can be forum her –

Thanks to Prathibha of  The Chef and her Kitchen.


3.5 cup Basmati rice,

30 baby potatoes,

4 boiled eggs,

4 big onions, thinly sliced,

1 cup fresh curds,

4 cups tomato juice,

3 cup water,

1 tsp garam masala powder,

1 cup freshly cut coriander leaves,

15 to 20 mint leaves,

1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves for garnish,

 4 cloves,

1″ cinnamon,

2 to 3 cardamoms,

1 bay leaf,

Salt to taste ,

Oil to deep fry

To roast and grind-

 3 tsp coriander seeds,

 16 dry red chilies,

 6 tbsp grated dry coconut,

 5 green chilies,

 2″ ginger chopped,

 12 cloves of garlic ,

1/2 tsp oil


 Wash basmati rice and soak in water for 30 minutes.

In a vessel boil 3 cups water and 4 cups tomato juice.

Add salt and whole garam masalas (cloves, cinnamon, cardamoms and bay leaf). Add drained rice. Cover and cook till water is drained.

Fluff up the rice with fork and spread on a plate and cool the rice completely.

Grind washed coriander leaves and mint leaves to a fine paste.

Beat the curds properly and add the ground paste to it and mix well.

Heat 1/2 tsp oil and add coriander seeds, red chilies and fry until they change their color and add grated coconut and fry slightly.

Cool these ingredients and grind along with green chilies, garlic and chopped ginger to a fine paste.

Pressure cook baby potatoes for 2 whistle. After the pressure goes down remove them and let them cool. Peel off the skins.

Heat oil in a deep heavy pan and deep fry them over medium flame until they are golden brown in color.

Drain them on a kitchen towel and keep them aside.

Peel eggs and make 4 deep vertical cuts.

Fry them in oil and keep side.

Also deep fry thinly sliced onions until they are crisp and golden brown in color.

Remove them and drain off excess oil in a kitchen towel and keep them aside.

Take 2 tbsp of oil from the pan and pour into another wide pan and add ground masala paste and fry well until the raw smell goes away.

Add baby potatoes, eggs and half of the fried onions to it and mix well until the masala coats all the potatoes.

Mix in the garam masala powder.

Reduce the flame and add curds (mixed with coriander and mint leaves paste) and also add cooled cooked rice and salt.

Mix everything well and cover it and cook over low flame for 5-6 minutes.

Remove the lid and mix everything properly.

Add remaining fried onions and switch off the flame.

Serve hot.


2 thoughts on “Baby Potatoes and Egg Biryani

  1. Hi Varsha. I tried this dish today. It was really very very nice and healthy unlike the oily biryanis served at restaurants and fast food joints.

    I used the ingredients specified by you with precision. Only 2 modifications.
    (i) I added one tablespoon of Biryani Masala to the curd paste.
    (ii) Garnishing can be done using salted cashewnuts and raisins soaked in water.

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