Jeera Biscuits

As much as I love to bake cakes, Milo loves to bake cookies and biscuits. One day we were returning home from office a little early. The thought of baking some healthy biscuits came to his mind. He didn’t want to use all purpose flour and sugar in them. So he asked me to search the net for cumin (jeera) biscuits from his cell. I got the Bong Mom’s Cookbook link as the first link and I noted down the ingredients. I didn’t want to search more as I am not very comfortable to surf the net on a cell phone that too in a moving car.

He made these biscuits as per the recipe given here. There were delicious I should say.

With the increasing demand from my MIL and me he made it again but with 3 more different flavors –Ajwain, cinnamon-honey and Kasoori Methi. The Kasoori Methi ones tasted very nice just like mattri’s. They were just too good.

Thanks Bong Mom for the recipe.


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