I try to give my daughter a taste of everything. She eats plain dal rice with little ghee for dinner. For a change I prepare this khichadi for her. I add a pinch of garam masala powder to this just for her to develop the taste. You can gradually increase the quantity of garam masala depending on how much your child can handle. Once it is cooked I mash it up well with a spoon and feed her. If your child can chew food well then no need to mash it up and also you can reduce the water and make it little grainy. I started giving this to her when she was 8 months old. You can add all different types of vegetables to it to make it more nutritious.

Ingredients –

3 tsp rice,

1.5 tsp moong dal,

1 tsp finely chopped onion,

1.5 tsp finely chopped tomato,

1 french bean finely chopped,

 1 very small piece of carrot finely chopped,

3 to 4 fresh or frozen green peas,

5 to 6 seeds of cumin,

Small pinch of hing,

Small pinch of turmeric,

Small pinch of garam masala powder,

½ tsp ghee,

Salt to taste,

½ cup water (4 times the quantity of rice).

Method –

Wash and drain rice and dal.

Heat ghee and fry cumin seeds.

Add onion, tomato and all the vegetables, hing, turmeric, garam masala powder.

Stir for a few seconds and mix the washed rice and dal with these vegetables. Add water and salt. Stir well.

Keep this utensil in the cooker and let it cook for 2 whistles.


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