Grilled vegetables (Desi style)

Saturday was a rainy day in Mumbai and Milo started feeling hungry in the evening. He entered the kitchen and saw a small bag of baby potatoes lying unused for a long time. He also wanted to try something with the skewers of the OTG so he thought of making grilled veggies but we didn’t have any grilling sauce. As usual he did some experiments and came up with a fantastic garlic flavored sauce with simple ingredients every kitchen will have.

It tasted so nice that he was forced to make it again on Sunday evening. You can also add malai paneer and mushrooms.


6 baby potatoes cooked in little water till done,

6 cubes of capcicum,

6 cubes of onion,

6 cubes of deseeded tomatoes,

15 flakes of crushed garlic,

1/ tsp coriander powder,

¼ tsp pepper powder,

½ tsp red chillie powder,

¼ tsp chillie flakes,

2 tsp butter/ghee,

Salt to taste


Combine all the ingredients from garlic to salt. Mix well to make a nice garlic sauce.

Make one hole each in the center of all the vegetables with a pointed scissor.

Skew it on a skewer as shown in the photo. Apply the sauce evenly on the skewed veggies and grill it in an OTG for 10 minutes with the top filament on.

Now rotate the skewers and grill them for another 5 minutes.

Serve hot with the garlic sauce and dash of tomato sauce.


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